To paper lovers everywhere, Whitney English is a name synonymous with modern classic style. At age 15, Whitney English began a life-long love affair with paper and design at a stationery and gift store in her hometown of Oklahoma City. The two passions, combined with her love of interior design and textiles, fused in 2002 to create a marketplace niche for the Whitney English brand. For the past decade, Whitney English has amassed a loyal clientele of her preppy, on-trend and fresh brand. Whitney continues to design personalized stationery and gifts through an exclusive license with The Boatman Group.
Whitney English Everyday consists of five separate and distinct collections. The cost of the entire program is $150 for the first year and $75 for the yearly updates thereafter. New retailers are first billed for that amount whenever they start and then again annually every January.
  1. Kick Start Collection
  2. Kids Collection
  3. Kitchen Collection
  4. Classic Collection
  5. Custom Classic Collection
Whitney English Holiday consists of over 100 photo cards and includes foil designs, hand-lettered pieces, water coloring, and all new patterns. The initial cost of the program is $100 and then a $50 update fee each year there is an update.