Boatman Geller was founded in 2002 by designer, Jane Boatman Geller. Jane combines her love of classic patterns with unexpected color combinations, creating a fresh new twist on the traditional. Sporting original designs like preppy plaids, modern graphic patterns, suzani’s and florals.The patterns, colors, and icons in the Boatman Geller collections embody Jane’s idea of “the good life”. Jane creates with the intent of giving others a fun way to “Live Your Style”.
Boatman Geller Everyday consists of five separate and distinct collections. The cost of the entire program is $200 for the first year and $100 for the yearly updates thereafter. New retailers are first billed for that amount whenever they start and then again annually every January.
  1. Everyday Album Collection
  2. Everyday Collection
  3. Home & Entertaining Collection
  4. Gifts, Desk & Accessories Collection
  5. Custom Collection
  6. Tech Case Collection
  7. Kids Everyday Collection
Boatman Geller Letterpress is currently sold out. Boatman Geller Holiday consists of photocards, invitations and holiday gift items. The initial cost of the program is $125 and then a $50 update fee each year there’s an update.
  • The Boatman Geller Holiday Album offers flat foil photocards, lined envelopes and a curated holiday gift collection.